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Barrow-wight Lord is here!

Vanquished and twisted by corruption, even in death the Barrow-wight Lord is a powerful remnant of a stalwart line of Men, banished to the Barrow Downs. In life, the Barrow-wight Lord’s power was great, but in death it has been twisted and convoluted into a creature that bears no resemblance to its original form. Seeking only to destroy that which it may have sought to rule or protect in life, death only brings more pain and suffering to the Barrow-wight Lord and those who dare oppose it.

Barrow-wight Lord, the final piece of the Season Pass, will be available on the following dates:

  • PlayStation 3 [US]: Tuesday, March 5
  • PlayStation 3 [EU]: Wednesday, March 6
  • Xbox 360: Wednesday, March 6