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Snaga Now Available!

Raw, wriggling, and juicy sweet? That’s what you are to Snaga. Since he’ll be looking to take a bite out of you, be sure to take a look at his abilities so you can sharpen your chompers while you prepare yourself to play as, or against him.

Here’s a quick look at Snaga’s abilities:

  • A Mouthful: Deals Damage and gains Health
  • Famished: Deals Extra Damage and Resistances, Weakness against marked Enemy Guardian
  • Ravenous: Stuns a marked target
  • Salivate: Marks enemy Guardian and gains Movement and Attack Speed
  • And, today the latest Title Update went live for Xbox 360 players! This update included numerous fixes, including some for matchmaking. You can learn more about this update on our forums, right here.