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Thráin and Gothmog: Battle Profile

There are gritty matchups, and then there are really gritty matchups. Thráin is a Dwarven king who walks loudly in his mail and carries a big hammer, and Gothmog is a master strategist who laughs while cities burn. These two tough customers don’t take fighting lightly.

Thorin Oakenshield’s father, Thráin II of Durin’s Line, has been no stranger to adventure during his long life. Born as heir to the Dwarven Kingdom of Erebor, his own father Thrór was first driven out of the Lonely Mountain by the dragon Smaug, and then killed by the leader of the Orcs of Khazad-dûm, Azog. When given the news, Thráin grieved for days, but then sprang up and said, “This cannot be borne.” With that, Thráin gathered a great host of Durin’s Folk and began the War of the Dwarves and Orcs, sacking Orc strongholds across Middle-earth until he came to the gates of Moria. There, Dáin Ironfoot took vengeance for Thráin by slaying Azog with his red axe. Despite the great victory, Khazad-dûm was still haunted by Durin’s Bane, and the Dwarves would not enter the great halls.

Thráin showed his great bravery in battle, and the Dwarves’ victory over the Orcish horde won him great renown among his people. And despite his return to his exile in Ered Luin after the great Battle of Azanulbizar, Thráin’s folk prospered and increased, but not without challenge. Thráin’s great hammer was more often than not taken up to defend what his people had struggled to build. And while his vengeance against the Orcs for his father’s death was taken with Dáin’s help, Thráin’s hatred of those foul creatures endures. With his immense strength, Thráin can pummel an enemy up close, or even hurl his heavy war-hammer at targets far away. That makes this Guardian a versatile Warrior with a range of strong Abilities, and a powerful Basic Attack that grows stronger with each gained level.

But even a sturdy Warrior like Thráin has to be wary of a skilled Tactician’s high Ability Damage potential. Gothmog’s appearance on any battlefield fills his enemies with a sense of overwhelming dread, and rightly so. Popular among the troops of Minas Morgul that he commands under order of the Witch-king of Angmar, he has earned their respect by his use of massive war-machines that hurl fire and stone down against the fortifications of a besieged target. While he is cruel and unbending, his bravery is unquestioned even by his mortal foes. Standing at the vanguard of his troops, Gothmog never flinches in the face of the destruction raining around him. When the battle truly needs a push, he may call in a terrifying siege engine of his own design. However, the pride of them all is the battering ram known as Grond, whose snarling wolf-head cap is the embodiment of terror. On the Battleground, Gothmog commands catapults and battering rams that do lots of Ability Damage, meaning he’s especially deadly to Guardians with low Ability Resistances. And just like any good siege master, Gothmog’s passive gives all allies within range a bonus to damage against structures. Hiding behind a tower isn’t a good option when Gothmog takes the field.

Now that you know more about these two Guardians, what would happen if Gothmog and Thráin found themselves going head-to-head? That all depends on you. Who will you command? Read more about Guardians of Middle-earth at the official website, and find us on Facebook and Twitter.