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Beregond & Felgrom: Battle Profile

A soldier of Gondor, Beregond is a skilled warrior, who trained from an early age to protect his homeland from its enemies. His years of service to the Stewards have earned him a place in the elite ‘Guard of the Citadel’ in the capital, Minas Tirith. In the face of great terror and peril, Beregond can be counted on to call forth the courage of his people, stand firm and turn aside the enemies of the city he has sworn to protect.

Felgrom is a powerful and deranged goblin, whose scorching abilities are enormously powerful and deadly. Proficient in the use of explosives, Felgrom and his kin are the soldiers of Mordor, accustomed to instilling fear in their opponents. They delight in the prospect of their own demise, knowing the damage they inflict on Dark Lord’s enemies is worth the price of their own insignificant lives.

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