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PAX Prime 2012: The Guardians of Middle-earth Retrospective

At Monolith, we look forward to the excitement that PAX Prime brings to Seattle every year. As attendees began to flood the Washington State Convention Center, the Guardians of Middle-earth booth crowded with fans to get hands-on game time (with the most unlocked characters to date) as well as the Gandalf the Grey hat giveaway, which were seen throughout PAX and the surrounding Seattle-area.

During the Labor Day weekend, attendees who signed up for the Guardians of Middle-earth tournament competed to win the coveted Guardians of Middle-earth ASTRO A40’s and for the grand prize, a customized Guardians of Middle-earth Xbox 360.

On Saturday, five MOBA pros competed alongside tournament participants and all of the action was captured live on Twitch.tv for those who couldn’t attend PAX to stream. After an intense battle, Team Super Teemo & Friends won after a close match, winning the Xbox 360’s.

Members of the media were able to get hands-on time with the game and overall, were impressed with how easily adaptable a MOBA is on console. Here’s a snapshot of their impression of Guardians of Middle-earth:

  • Guardians of Middle-Earth continues to impress every time we get our hands on it.” –G4TV
  • “…the diverse characters lend themselves perfectly to the genre and the fast game modes that GoME offers work great on the console. I can’t wait until the next time I can get my hands on some Hildi-bombs.” -G4TV
  • “There were several matches where people were cheering takedowns while watching over people’s shoulders.  You don’t get that from just any type of game, so clearly Monolith has something special on their hands.” –Co-Optimus
  • “Even as a relative newcomer, I felt like I could grasp the mechanics and make a difference to my team by picking a class type that facilitated my play style.” –Shacknews
  • “These games may have a simple end goal, but their knack for fast character development, rich strategy, and tense competition deserves to be shared with as many gamers as possible—regardless of platform.” –IGN
  • As always, thank you all for your support and excitement. Being able to spend a few days with our gaming community is a big part of what makes our jobs so satisfying.

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