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Gamescom 2012: A Look Back

Gamescom 2012 has come and gone. The weeklong extravaganza that celebrates all things gaming over in Köln, Germany was a grueling week that tested our ability to stand upright for extended periods, but every single second of breaking down our insoles was worth it, because we got to bring Guardians of Middle-earth to all of our fans across the pond.

The weather was notably warm for our Northwesterner lifestyles, but that didn’t deter us from booting up our army of consoles, and giving you ample opportunity to subjugate your opponents in all three lanes. While the sweltering heat may have continually tested our consoles’ mettle, all that matters is that they gave you all the Guardians they possibly could, and then gave you a little bit more.

Arathorn and Runsig, our most recently announced Guardians, got tons of play by eager folk over at Gamescom. Their unique playstyles and the mixing of good and evil characters on each team did a lot to alter the battlefield, and even our experienced eyes were fooled with some of the strategies that the denizens of Hall 9 were able to throw down. Some of the more eager folks even dropped by the booth every single day, and to each and every one of you, we offer our most heartfelt thanks. We’ll be keeping an eye out for your well-trained hands come release day.

And, of course, huge thanks to our friends on Team Curse.eu for swinging by and throwing down the gauntlet. Accepting all challengers from the public, they were able to put some insanely impressive teamwork on display. Though, that’s not to say they were undefeated - a couple teams were able to muster up the communication skills required to take these seasoned vets down, and we were in awe of the matches that unfolded in front of us.

Thanks for the great time, Gamescom! Now, onward to PAX Prime. Fellow PAXians, get your best MOBA strategies ready, because we will be seeing you real soon.